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Performance Group


The Performance Group was established 31 years ago to provide an opportunity for spirited and passionate dancers to perform in various events throughout the school year. These performances are largely community and charity-based events, and are focused on bringing our community together. Dancers begin as a group in the fall, and work together for the entire school year. It is important that each dancer and family understand that the Performance Group functions as a team. Choreography is set around the students within their age levels. When students are not present, it affects the entire team. Consistent attendance in class and positive attitudes are essential in order to participate. Eligibility of this group include studying at Fancy Feet for two years prior to consideration, and a minimum of 4 Summer Intensive workshops over July and August. This provides a continuous study of dance through the summer, and provides a starting base of dances to utilize in performances, while they continue to learn new material throughout the dance year. Scheduled rehearsals must be considered a priority as a Performance Group member. There are no make-ups and students will be removed from the material that they miss. Admission to the Performance Group is not automatic, and is at the sole discretion of Emily Kay Tillman.

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