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Anne Miller-Clark

Anne Miller-Clark began teaching dance and movement at Fancy Feet Dance Studio when she graduated from UCLA as a World Arts and Cultures major in 1994. Prior to moving to Southern California, she trained with Marguerite Phares, Marin Ballet School, School of San Francisco Ballet, and Theatre Ballet of Sacramento, where she danced and performed for 8 years.

As a certified Pilates and yoga instructor Anne incorporates both these disciplines into her dance classes to help stretch and strengthen students and keep them strong and healthy. Her interest in body awareness and well-being led her to pursue additional studies in Tai Chi, psychology and anatomy. She draws on these along with her knowledge from a decade of experience working at a physical therapy clinic.

Anne enjoys creating delicious and nutritious food with her chef husband Matthew Criswell and their daughter. She believes dancing and exercise can be fun for every age and skill level and hopes to continue lighting the love of dance in hearts big and small.

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