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Monique Smith

Monique Smith has a Bachelor of Arts degree in World Arts & Cultures from the University of California at Los Angeles. She graduated with Latin Honors from an interdisciplinary arts program that focused on dance technique, choreography, dance education, videography, production, musicology, design and ethnomusicology. She choreographed and performed in both Undergraduate and M.F.A. Graduate Projects and Performances while at UCLA. Since graduating, Monique has been working consistently as a musical theatre director and choreographer, show choir coach and college preparatory dance instructor throughout Southern California.

Teaching has always been a passion of hers. She incorporates a variety of genres studied at the university and beyond into her teaching repertoire. One of her strengths lies in interweaving western and non-western dance practices on top of traditional dance fundamentals. This valuable teaching tool allows her students to go beyond the typical dance syllabus and has proven to be an extremely valuable teaching tool.

She teaches a variety of genres including tap, broadway/musical theatre, modern, jazz, as well as various ethnic dances. Monique integrates her collegiate course work, choreography, and teaching experiences providing a balanced and complexed approach to dance instruction. She loves being able to pass on her love and respect of the arts and education. This layered approach offers her students of all ages a unique experience which is not to be matched.

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