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Emma & Mattie Tillman

Emma Tillman and Mattie Tillman grew up training at Fancy Feet Dance Studio starting as toddlers.
They have just graduated high school with top honors in the class of 2023. Mattie and Emma have been assisting classes at the studio since they were young teens, where they honed their ability to connect and inspire kids of all ages. Throughout high school, they studied ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, and hip hop over 25 hours every week, while also performing in musicals, and studying theater production design, where they won first place in Southern California for their original design models. Additionally, they took multiple years of filmmaking, which led to winning first-place in California for a musical short film they created. Emma and Mattie are now excited to continue to share their knowledge and passion with students in the classroom as they enter their freshman year of college. 

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