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Fancy Feet is a boutique dance studio with limited enrollment in Pacific Palisades, California, teaching children ages eighteen months to eighteen years. Established in 1992 by Emily Kay Tillman at age 18, Fancy Feet is a family business that provides world-class dance training in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, and tap. All of our students train with a tight-knit group of instructors who are cutting edge industry choreographers and gifted teaching professionals. While the most involved students attend at least one dance convention and competition each year, Emily also focuses on the profound opportunities that community building through the art of dance provides. Students train in an environment that practices  individual attention, kindness, excellence, diversity, and long-term continuity of instruction. Fancy Feet strives to create a personalized and supportive atmosphere for all students to grow as artists, athletes, and people.

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Class Schedule & Forms

Hello Fancy Feet Dance Community!
Winter Session starts : January 8th - March 22
Spring Break : March 25th - March 31st
Spring Session starts: April 1st - June 7th 
Recital 2024 : Saturday, June 8th 


2024 Summer Programs

Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023
Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023

Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023

Summer Intensives

Program 2024

Summer Musical

Program 2024

Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023
Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023
Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023
Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023
Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023
Fancy Feet Summer Intensive 2023


Fancy Frames


Kindness is at the heart of Fancy Feet. We believe in nurturing a culture of compassion, respect, and support, where dancers uplift one another and spread acts of kindness both inside and outside the studio. Our warm and inclusive atmosphere ensures that everyone feels like part of our dance family, creating lasting friendships and cherished memories.



Fancy Feet is more than just a dance studio; it's a vibrant community. As an integral part of the Pacific Palisades for over 30 years, Fancy Feet is deeply rooted in the local community. We take immense pride in showcasing our dancers at performances and events that bring joy and entertainment to our neighbors.



At Fancy Feet, we embrace the value of humility, understanding that true growth and learning come from a place of openness. Our dancers are encouraged to celebrate achievements with grace, to learn from mistakes, and to approach every class with a humble mindset, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and evolve.

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Fancy Feet Dance Studio
881 Alma Real Drive Ste T-27
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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